Savage Rifts: Chronicles of the D-Bee-Ain'ts

The Liberators

Returning to Forts’ Myth with additional team members, supplies, and materials to help build the town, Floopmaster Phlipp and the D-Bee-Ain’ts receive an alert from the town of Jazz-Parr. Investigating, they find that there are CS troops from El Dorado and from Lone Star. As the heroes engage with a patrol from El Dorado on a ridge overlooking Jazz-Parr, the Lone Star CS troopers open up on the Dorado troops in town and then begin loading captured D-Bees on to transports.

Leaving several of the Dorado soldiers alive, the DBAs head to the town and engage with the remaining troops, preventing the last transport from leaving. They then, systematically, took down each of the other transports, eventually tracking them to their source, a makeshift base in El Dorado territory staffed by Lone Star soldiers.

The team managed to lay down an assault on the base, stealing a Death’s Head transport to evacuate the would-be captives, with Phlipp vowing to get to the bottom of it all.


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