Savage Rifts: Chronicles of the D-Bee-Ain'ts

Issue 2: Judgement Day

As Floopmaster Phlipp and Sir Chewy head back to Castle Refuge to request that the Tomorrow Legion sanction Forts-myth as an official outpost of the Legion, peace talks are underway between the Simvan and Psi-Stalker tribes that are nearby, with representatives of each, High Chief Flurkold and Beqi Wentz, respectively, present for the negotiations.

As discussions begin to deteriorate, the meeting is interrupted when a townsperson arrives having been bitten. Rapidly determining that it is a zombie attack, the D-Bee-Ain’ts, including Doc Jonez, Protectra, Sergeant Kitaur, and Kezzelvorne are joined by Flurkold and Wentz in repelling a massive zombie attack. During the assault, the zombies coalesce into a massive barrow golem. Still, the team makes short work of the monsters and Doc Jonez manages to locate the source of the zombies in a bunker beneath the old cemetery where a necromancer prepares some other spell.

The D-Bee-Ain’ts and the ambassadors locate a hidden entrance to the massive bunker, defeating the undead monstrosities that guard the escape route and confronting the necromancer, Cynthiea Vexx. Vexx informs them that the spell she has been casting is one of control, but before she can explain further, Kitaur blasts her to nothing with his boom gun, hoping to destroy the unknown monster that lay behind her. When it becomes clear that the creature is still intact, Kezzelvorne blasts the area with her flame breath.

However, the unknown foe reveals itself, having sustained only minor damage, as Hanging Judge Issac Parker. It senses the guilt among the assembled group and threatens them, initiating an attack. After a brief battle, the D-Bee-Ain’ts manage to gain the upper hand, but Doc Jonez locates the Vexx’s notes on the creature she has transformed Parker into and realizes that the reason she wanted to control it was because it would have become a powerful force for good. Announcing this to the group, Wentz rapidly requests Parker’s advice in settling her people’s dispute with the Simvan’s, the two having earned one another’s respect. Parker agrees and a treaty for peace is written based on mutual trade agreements.


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