Savage Rifts: Chronicles of the D-Bee-Ain'ts

Issue 1: Local Heroes

Floopmaster Phlipp and a crew of D-Bee-Ain’ts; including the faithful Grackle Tooth, Sir Chewee, the D’Norr Ley-Line Walker, Phaedon, the Lyn-Srial Cyber-Knight called Protectra, the Kittani Glitter Boy pilot called Kitaur, and the dragon name Kezzlevorne; are assigned to help out the people of the town of Fortsmith, where the former U.S. Marshals Museum stands relatively intact. Arriving, the team discovers that Brodkil demons have taken the museum, recently, killing those who were helping to restore the structure and terrorizing the townsfolk. With the help of the Sheriff, Narene, and Mayor Brendeh Burke, the D-Bee Ain’ts manage to enlist the assistance of the head of the Museum reclamation project, Jorge Manico. They use Jorge’s knowledge of the interior of the building to determine an attack plan.

Assaulting the Brodkil in a pincer move, the team makes short work of the demons, but soon discovers that there had been a Shifter trap left behind, a summoning circle that brought a Thornhead Demon into the Museum! Clearing the way, Kitaur uses his Boom Gun to blast the creature, vaporizing the demon’s head. The D-Bee-Ain’ts spike the remains of the Thornhead near the entrance to town as a warning to all those that might cause trouble for Fortsmith.

Over the course of the next few days, Phlipp and the team also manage to broker a peace between the people of Fortsmith, and the nearby tribes of Psi-Stalkers (led by Yan the Imperfect) and Simvan Monster Riders (led by Warchief Flurkold). As a result, the team is offered the chance to stay in Fortsmith and help rebuild the Museum into the newly established Fort Marhsal.

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